Distance Learning FAQs

We would like to provide you with a quick Q and A about Distance Learning to help answer some frequently asked questions.

Q: Is this quarter going to be the same as the Spring quarter?

A: No, the Spring quarter is best classified as “crisis teaching.” Now, during Distance Learning, students will be expected to log into their device at 8:15 to join the class via live video and the teacher will take daily attendance. Also, student work will be graded this quarter and a report card will be given.

Q: How will my student get the materials they need for Distance Learning?

A: Please see the school blog for the material pick up schedule. (camarenarobogriffins.blog) Each 6th grade family must pick up a 6th grade pack of materials. Please note that we do not have extra copies of the materials that you will pick up, so please keep them organized and in a safe place.

Q: I think I need a device, can I still pick one up? What do I need to bring?

A: Yes, you can pick up a device when you pick up your 6th grade materials. Please note you must fill out a release form. You may fill it out the form before you pick up the computer (found on the school blog). The form will ask you for your child’s id number-this is their personal 6 digit number that they use to log into school websites. If you are new or your child does not know their id number, just let the volunteers know.

*If you get a device, you must go drive/walk back to our school’s parking lot on to join the school network. This will only occur one time.

Q: Will the school devices have restrictions on them?

A: Yes, the devices will have all of the district’s security measures. If you need tech help please call the Parent Helpline Tech Support (619) 409-6638 Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Q: What platform should my student log into on 8/31? Do they join at 8:15?

A: Yes, we will begin at 8:15. Please have your child log into Zoom with the session ID and password provided by your child’s teacher.

Q: Will school still start at 8:15 everyday?

A: Yes, your child should be logged into Zoom and ready to be live with the whole class at 8:15. Your child’s teacher will provide your child with more detailed schedule about the tasks they will get each day.

Q: Are their specific platforms or software we need to download?

A: Your child’s teacher will let you know which platforms we will be using. However, we are keeping it simple and using  platforms your Robogriffin has used before: Google Classroom, Achieve 3000, and Benchmark.

Q: Will my child be live on video with the whole class for four hours every day?

A: No. Per state requirements, 6th grade students will have 240 minutes of school work each day. Their school day will consist of whole class live video, small group video instruction, one on one support, and independent work.

Your child will start each day at 8:15 with the whole class to take attendance and for a daily Social Emotional Learning lesson. Then, each individual teacher will share their schedule for who will stay for a small group and assign a task to the students who are not meeting with a small group.

Q: How do I communicate with my child’s teacher?

A: Each teacher will inform you of their preferred method of communication